Dosub CACOM - 4x NL4 for l'acoustics

Manufacturer: Axept
Availability: Out of stock (On request)
luidspreker, loudspeaker, enceintes, l-acoustics,
luidspreker, loudspeaker, enceintes, l-acoustics,
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RATCHET 25 MM Endless Black rubber handle

A light and flexible lashing with our most comfortable ratchet!
The handle on the black enamelled comfort ratchet has an additional rubber coating for a more ergonomic and comfortable grip. 

Also available with woven text/logo !!
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CABLESTRAP 18 MM Black buckle. Extra cable loop.



You can have Arno-straps just as you want them! They are available in widths 18, 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 mm, and are manufactured in the standard lengths 30 cm to 8 m. The colours available are black, white, yellow, red, blue and green. If any other colour or length of strap is required, we can meet practically all your wishes.


Also available with woven text/logo !!
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SPK speakercable SP08 Male+ring Female+ring/Procable 8*4mm/0,5m

Cable : Axept Procable 8x4mm² Connector : Syntax SPK Speaker 8P Male + Female Accesories : Transparent Heat Shrink x 2


Female panel, without ring, solder

SPK SYNTAX® connectors are available in the 8 pin configuration, fully intermateable with the widely used CA-COM connectors. SPK SYNTAX® allow the conveyance of high electric power signal to professional loudspeakers. The design presents the same key features of SVK Series, and can be supplied with rubber covered locking ring and with gold plated solder-type contacts. The SPK SYNTAX® connectors are solidly-built so to ensure long term reliability. Moreover, they do not present the shortcomings of older connectors still used in industrial or military environments.