Due to major delivery problems at NEUTRIK, we have temporarily placed these parts off-line. Call us for availability.


Shipping & returns

Shipping costs:

BELGIUM: € 15,00

LUX-NL-DE-FR: € 25,00

Other EUROPE: € 50,00

Additional costs can be applied for items with extra weight or size ! (E.g. distri box +-5 euro/piece)
Check your shopping basket for the exact shipping costs.

Delivery time:

Only valid under optimal conditions!
Due to our large quantity of stock, most items can be shipped the same day or day afterwards. For each item the availability is stated.

1. In stock

BELGIUM: Ordered before 15:30 can be delivered 1 business day later - after 15:30, 2 business days later.

LUX-NL-DE-FR: Ordered before 13:30 can be delivered 1 business day later - after 13:30, 2 business days later.

OTHERS: Depending on the coutry and shipping conditions these orders can be delivered 1-3 business days later.

2. Out of stock (Short delivery)

Items with "short delivery time" are usually delivered to us or produced and assembled by us whitin 1-8 working days.
Depending on the workload in our workplace or availability at the supplier this can vary.

The delivery time can be requested from AXEPT at any time.

3. Out of stock (Long delivery!)

Items with "long delivery time" are usually ordered in groups by Axept and can be delivered to us between 14 and 30 days.
The delivery time can be requested from AXEPT at any time.



For more information regarding delivery terms, please contact us at webshop@axept.be