Power reel with 50m titanex 3G2.5 - 4x female schuko chassis - 1x male schuko

BE/FR standard

Manufacturer: Keraf
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Products specifications
Color Black
Material Rubber
Products specifications
Color Black
Material Rubber
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Titanex H-07RN-F 3G2,5mm²/m - Outside diameter: 14mm

The TITANEX® flexible rubber cable range offers exceptional performances and is designed to release you from all your constraints. Robust yet flexible, TITANEX® is easy to use and withstands the toughest of conditions, such as hard-wearing situations, extreme temperatures and most chemicals. For more than 50 years the TITANEX® cable range properties have been recognized as the best choice for all mobile and fixed installations in industrial environments such as construction sites, cranes, machines tools, factories, generators etc.

TITANEX® is also suitable for public environments and temporary events such as festivals or sports competitions, where the cable is often laid directly on the ground with no protection.


The cable may be rated 0,6/1 kV where the installation has built-in protection and for motors in lifting appliances - machine tools - etc.


Combi Shuko 5m 3g2,5 to 4xshuko/black

volrubberen verdeeldoos 250 x 80mm voorzien van: Ingang: 5 meter HO7RN-F3G2.5 met stekker 16A 2P+BA 230V IP44 (universele stekker ) zwart Uitgang: 4 x inbouw stopcontact 16A 2P+BA 230V IP44 (Belgische aarding) zwarte uitvoering


Microphone cable 3P/ Neutrik black connector, silver contacts/ 100m

Cable : Sommercable Microphone cable Connector : Neutrik XLR connectors Accesories : Transparent Heat Shrink x 2


Exhibition tape 50mm/50m - piece

Double-sided quality tape.
Cloth carrier layer on both sides with a modified dispersion acrylate adhesive.
Self extinguishing adhesive has a good aging and a broad plasticiser resistance.
Lined with a white double-sided silicone paper.