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Armored fiber patch cord


Tactical Premade Cables -- Duplex Multimode

Every manufacturer builds the same fiber optic patch cable -- yellow for single mode and aqua for multimode. Handle with care... plug it in... hope it survives more than a couple plug cycles....

This works great for data centers and IT installations, but let's face it... audio visual installations have a different aesthetic and performance requirement. 

Introducing the Black Series™ from TechLogix. These aren't your cheap-o network cables -- all Black Series™ cables are factory certified for performance and durability. And, yes, they feature black tactical jackets to ensure they blend into your beautifully wired rack. 

Black Series™ cables use top-graded OM4 multimode fiber to provide 10,000x more bandwidth than Cat 5e and Cat 6 network cables. Plus, they're certified to be completely immune to electromagnetic and RF interference, as well as lightning, static electricity and power surges. 

Plus, a military-grade tactical jacket provides flexibility and durability even when repeatedly and heavily handled. 

TechLogix Black Series™ cables combine the performance of fiber with the durability of a silk covered battleship. They'll differentiate your next installation and ensure it performs for years' to come. 

  • Duplex Fiber Count
  • Available in two configurations - LC/LC and SC/SC
  • UPC to UPC Polish Type
  • 50/125um OM4 fiber
  • Tactical black jacket
  • Completely immune to RF and EM interference
  • Completely immune to static electricity, surges and lightning
  • Internal helical stainless steel tape over a buffered fiber surrounded by a layer of aramid yarn and stainless steel mesh
  • 10mm minimum bend rating
  • 700lb crush rating
  • ≥100lb tensile strength
  • -40 - 85 degree C (-40 - 185 degree F) operating temperature 
  • UV and water resistant


Manufacturer: TechLogix
Availability: Out of stock (On request)