Fiber optic coupler -- duplex LC to SC coupler -- compatible with single mode & multimode cable


Fiber optic coupler -- duplex LC to SC

'Get out the cable stretcher!'  This is a mildly humorous prank to play on a greenhorn cable installer, but sometimes, don't you wish you actually had one?

Fiber couplers (sometimes called adapters) are a simple and stable way of extending your fiber optic cable, or creating a service point at a patch panel.

These are also great for coupling your bulk fiber installation cable to a patch cable which will increase the longevity of the install cable.


  • Duplex LC to Duplex SC
  • Single mode (OS2) and Multimode (OM4) compatible
  • Panel Mount
  • High precision ceramic sleeve
  • Stainless steel clip
  • Metal shell
  • For UPC polish type cables
  • Low insertion loss ≤0.2dB
Manufacturer: TechLogix
Availability: Out of stock (On request)