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Fiber optic pen cleaner -- 800 clean cycles for 1.25mm LC connectors

High Quality Fiber Optic Pen Cleaner for 1.25mm LC/MU Ferrules

Do you have intermittent signal dropouts? Did you accidentally let that patch cable hit the floor while dressing up your equipment rack? How good was that hamburger at lunch?

You might need to clean up the ends of your fiber before you install it into your gear. 

The Fiber Optic Pen Cleaner for LC/MU Ferrules is an innovative design of the traditional fiber end-face cleaner. It uses a special dust-free wire material with full contact cleaning ensuring different types of oil and debris will be cleaned with a single click. This pen cleaner can be used to clean LC and MU connectors, including the female fiber ports.


  • Cleans LC and MU style fiber connectors and ports
  • Cleans male and female ends
  • >800 cleaning cycles
  • Manufactured with anti-static resin
  • Debris-free internal microfibers
  • Full sweep lens cleaning
  • Audible click during clean cycle
  • Simple push operation
Manufacturer: TechLogix
Availability: Out of stock (On request)
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Visual Fault Locator -- 1mW output for 5km signal distribution

Fiber Optic Visual Fault Locator (VFL) -- 1mW

The TechLogix TL-VFL-1MW is a compact fiber optic visual fault locator (affectionately known as a "VFL") that's ideal for locating breaks and out-of-spec bends in a fiber optic cable. It's also a crucial tool for verifying mechanical fiber optic connectors are terminated properly and identifying strands during splicing and/or patching. 

The VFL-1MW features a 1mW output which drives a visible laser signal up to 5km. Plus, two modes of operation -- continuous wave output and flashing wave output -- help identify different strands and cable runs. 

The VFL-1MW features battery power and a 2.5mm universal connector, which is designed for use with SC, ST and FC style connectors (integration with LC style connectors requires a 2.5mm to 1.25mm adapter). Both single mode and multimode fiber are supported. 

TechLogix offers special order VFL models for signal distances over 5km. Please contact the factory for details. 


  • 1mW visible wave output
  • Up to 5km max signal transmission
  • Ideal for locating out-of-spec bends & breaks in fiber optic cabling
  • Ideal for verifying proper fiber optic connector termination
  • Ideal for toning & tracing fiber optic cable runs & strands
  • Battery powered (2 x AA) with 18 hour average battery life
  • Built-in dust cap
  • Metal construction
  • Water-resistant
  • Continuous wave & pulsed wave modes of operation
  • 650nm wavelength
  • Compatible with SC, ST & FC style connectors (LC connectors require an adapter)
  • Compatible with both single mode & multimode fiber
  • Includes carry case