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HDMI & IR over Shielded Twisted Pair Cable Extender -- 50m

Economy HDMI & IR over Twisted Pair Cable Extender Set -- 50m

HDMI cables are great for transmitting audio and video signals short distances, but larger buildings and larger rooms often need electronics inline to ensure signal performance. Simply pulling a long HDMI cable or connecting multiple HDMI cables together can cause signal drop out, interference, pixelization and a host of other signal and performance problems.

The TL-TP50-HDIR replaces a traditional HDMI cable with active electronics designed specifically for sending video signals up to 165 feet. Plus, built-in IR control signal embedding allow you to also transmit IR commands from the remote room to the equipment rack or source device.  

In actual practice, this means you can use the TL-TP50-HDIR to send audio and video signals from your source device (often a switcher, cable box, or DVD player) to your destination device (often a display or projector) and control the source device remotely...all using a single twisted pair cable. In other words, you can install your source device in a remote closet or cabinet and control it with the same remote control used for your display. Now that’s a clean installation!


  • Requires shielded twisted pair cabling & shielded connectors
  • Transmit HDMI & IR over a single twisted pair cable
  • Extend 1080p HD up to 165 ft. (50m)
  • Embedded IR control from the display to the source
  • HDMI 1.4 compatible
  • HDCP 1.4 compatible
  • Deep color, DTS-HD, Dolby TrueHD & 3D support
  • HDMI local display loop out on the transmitter
  • Built-in mounting ears
  • Built-in EDID copying & configuration
Manufacturer: TechLogix
Availability: Out of stock (On request)