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Warehouse - Universal strech foil - TRANSPARENT

Manufacturer: Axept
Availability: Out of stock (3-10 days delivery)
Products specifications
Color Transparent
Products specifications
Color Transparent
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POWER 3x1,5 + 1 DMX PAIR

The SYNTAX® POWER+DIGITAL is a hybrid cable with a jacketed 3 x 1.5 mm² mains power cable combined with one or two DMX twisted pairs (7XD1F315SX or 7XD2F315SX). The digital signal pair is shielded by an aluminium/polyester foil screen and covered with a black PVC jacket. The power line is equipped with its own PVC jacket for added safety in compliance with the I.E.C. regulation. Suitable for parallel controls of light mixing boards via power line and DMX signal via digital cable. Also used for analogic audio cabinets when power is supplied. The external flame-retardant black PVC jacket is very flexible, trampling-proof, impact absorbing and water-proof. Overall diameter 7XD1F315SX: 14 mm, 7XD2F315SX: 14.5 mm. Operating temperature -30° to 70° C.


Hook and Loop Cable Tie 300 x 20 mm black

Adam Hall Accessories VR 2030 BLK
Hook and Loop Cable Tie 300 x 20 mm black


RATCHET 50 MM Hook-Hook LC 2000 daN Breakingstrength 5 000 kg

Strong lashing to secure heavy loads with text or logo stamped on the strap!  

Width: 50 mm
Length: 2-10 m
Design: Endless. Yellow chromated ratchet, black polyester strap with stamped text or logo.  
Breaking strength: 5,000 kg
Marking: LC 2000 daN


Heat shrink glue 19,0mm Trans, 3/1, H5

Thin-wall heat shrink tubing / flexible / flame retardant / 3:1

• Crosslinked Polyolefin
• Shrink ratio: 3:1
• Flame retardant
• General purpose
• High flexibility

• UL224 125 °C VW-1 600 V file E204071
• CSA file no.: 1934614
• Meets: RoHS, Sony-SS-00259

• Operating temperature: -55 °C to +125 °C
• Minimum shrink temperature: +70 °C
• Minimum full recovery temperature: +100 °C
• Longitudinal change: 0 ± 10% max.
Order information:

• Color: transparent
• Other colors: red, blue, yellow, green, white, transparent (flame retardant class 2)