SPK speaker 8P Male-ring to 2 x NL4FX / 4*4mm / 2,5m

Manufacturer: Axept
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luidspreker, loudspeaker, enceintes, l-acoustics,
luidspreker, loudspeaker, enceintes, l-acoustics,
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SPK speakercable SP08 Male+ring Female+ring/Procable 8*4mm/0,5m

Cable : Axept Procable 8x4mm² Connector : Syntax SPK Speaker 8P Male + Female Accesories : Transparent Heat Shrink x 2


Adapt Male/female without ring SPK

The SPK 8 pin Speaker extension cables (CA-COM 8 compatible) typically feature a male connector at one end and a female connector at the other end , with locking rings on both terminations to allow the connection to panel mount devices without locking rings. Such configuration prevents the possibility of joining multiple cables and make longer extensions. SPK 8 pin Speaker adapter permits the connection of more extension cords together. The male and female connections of the SPK 8 pin Speaker adapter are without locking rings. This allow users to extend the length of a SPK 8 pin Speaker cable by joining two existing cables with locking rings together.


SPK speaker 8P Male-ring to 4 x NL4FX / 2*4mm / 5m