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1x RC74 + 1x cover

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Titanex H-07RN-F 3G2,5mm²/m - Outside diameter: 14mm

The TITANEX® flexible rubber cable range offers exceptional performances and is designed to release you from all your constraints. Robust yet flexible, TITANEX® is easy to use and withstands the toughest of conditions, such as hard-wearing situations, extreme temperatures and most chemicals. For more than 50 years the TITANEX® cable range properties have been recognized as the best choice for all mobile and fixed installations in industrial environments such as construction sites, cranes, machines tools, factories, generators etc.

TITANEX® is also suitable for public environments and temporary events such as festivals or sports competitions, where the cable is often laid directly on the ground with no protection.


The cable may be rated 0,6/1 kV where the installation has built-in protection and for motors in lifting appliances - machine tools - etc.


Power Strip - 4 Channel - 3G2,5 - STRAIGHT - PENAARDE (BE-FR earth)


  • comes with 8 cm transparent shrink sleeve (not shrunk) for custom labelling
  • child protection
  • socket type: French (type E)


  • number of sockets: 4
  • cable: H05VV-F 3G1.5
  • cable length: 1.5 m
  • colour: black
  • max. power: 3500 W
  • voltage: 230 VAC 16 A


Spring-loaded sealing cover

The spring-loaded cover SCCD-W shuts automatically after unplugging the cable connector and seals the chassis connectors against dust and water to IP65. The transparent cover allows you to see the protected chassis connector all the time. Suitable for: XLR D Series female XLR D Series male 1/4" Jacks D Series speakON NL2M* and NL4M* powerCON 20 A Series NAC3MPA* and NAC3MPB* powerCON TRUE1 NAC3MPX opticalCON Chassis Connectors USB NAUSB-W* HDMI NAHDMI-W* D-SUB NADB* Firewire NA1394-6-W* etherCON D Series etherCON CAT6 Chassis Connectors etherCON CAT6A Chassis Connectors BNC D Series Phono (RCA) Chassis Connectors


Male cable CEE 32A/380V/5P

Order number 2148 EAN/pcs 4024941021487 Product Group QUICK-CONNECT plug with MULTI-GRIP cable gland Amperage 32A Poles 5p (3p+N+PE) Earth 'Clock' Position 6 h Voltage 200/346 up to 240/415V Frequency 50 and 60Hz Protection IP44 Color code red RAL 3000 Connection Design screwless spring-clamp technology as cage clamp Max. conductor 6,0 mm²